Glendale Municipal, AZ - 23 Feb / 5 Nov 2007

I popped into Glendale Municipal to take a second look at a couple of the aircraft that I'd seen in Greybull, WY last year.

The C-119 and A-26 were flown out of Greybull, WY on 19th December - after they had been purchased at the Hawkins and Powers action and made ready for flight.

The C-119 has since flown to Wickenburg, AZ and the A-26 and C-1 to Buckeye, AZ - the rest will follow to Buckeye.

I didn't have enough time to snoop around the rest of the airport, so again, another time.

update 5 November 2007:
I took another look here as I had a friend (Mr. Dunny) that I was showing around.

Most of the heavy props had departed, but to my surprise two Eastern Bloc MiGs had appeared which have been in storage inside one of the hangars - a MiG-21 and a Lim-6 (MiG-17) were sitting on the ramp both with a bare metal finish.

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