Chatfield State Park, Littleton, CO, USA - Rocky Mountain Balloon Festival, 25 August 2006

It was an early morning start for the mass ascension flight due at 06:00 but unfortunately all we had was cloud cover and drizzle. The word from the weather experts was that in fact it wasn't raining where we were, and, if it was, it should clear in 30 minutes. 30 minutes later, it was raining harder!

Only the Remax owned Aerostar S-57A (N90591) managed to get inflated, but due to the weather, it was tethered and did not fly - although it did try its hardest a couple of times.

While the pilot added bursts of propane into the envelope to keep the craft upright, helpers struggled in the wind to stop the balloon from flying, both by holding on to the basket and at the end of the ropes attached to the top of the balloon.

Eventually the weather won, and even the lone piper couldn't create enough puff to keep the ship inflated.

Hopefully the weather will oblige for the rest of the weekend!

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