Minsk-1, Belarus (UMMM) - June 2014

Yak-40 5A-DKP in bare metal has had an interesting history. Built in 1974 she first saw service in Moldova before flying in Estonia, Swaziland, Central African Republic, Kyrgyzstan and Moldova again before its current registration in Libya. It was reportedly here for heavy maintenance, but whether it'll actually ever leave again is open to doubt.

A pair of ex-Russian Air Force Tu-134UBLs were also present, still wearing their faded old Soviet livery, but devoid of wings, tail and the Tu-22 extended nose that makes this type unique.

Tu-134AK RF-90789 of the Russian Air Force looked like it was brand new off the production line. Wearing St. Petersburg titles and blue 35 on the nose wheel door, this is most probably ex RA-63775.

Most of the other aircraft, however, looked like they will end their life here.

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