Flabob Airport, CA (KRIR) - May 2017, DC-3 Fly-In

This was my first visit to Flabob Airport, and it was a nice surprise to see an old fashioned sleepy local airport nestled in a mostly residential area.

The occasion was the first Flabob DC-3 Fly-In, and the organisers had hoped for 20 DC-3s to be in attendance.

But reality of maintenance issues plus string winds meant that only 9 turned up, but that's at least 8 more than you'll usually find at many airports.

It was very people friendly, with food, beer and places to sit in the shade, plus access close to the runway to watch the DC-3s come and go on their pleasure flights.

The runway direction with the sun at this time of year, however, makes photography particularly difficult until late in the afternoon, so if you want flying shots you need to explore outside of the airport.

Crowd numbers were surprisingly low, which was unfortunate, but the weekend clashed with an airshow 30 minutes away, which included fast jets and a beer festival into the night, so I expect families given the choice went to the latter.

It was a very good first effort however, and the organisers are planning for another event next year, so lets hope they plan for a date that doesn't clash with anything else in the area.

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