Dubendorf Airbase, Switzerland (LSMD)

August 1985, AMEF Open DayAugust 1985
AMEF Open Day
August 1983, AMEF Open DayAugust 1983
AMEF Open Day

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26th January 2009 Buddy Joyce
I was in the U.S.Navy in 1982 based at NAS Sigonella in VR-24 and traveled to Dubendorf for my first visit to Switzerland and to enjoy seeing and photographing the Air Show and the aircraft. I went to Dubendorf two years 1982 and 1984. I really enjoyed myself and over the years I have told them what a great Air Show it was and all the Swiss aircraft that I saw. I told my friends they should try to visit the Dubendorf Air Show.
Will they continue to have the airshow there even though the military has moved out ?
I am very happy that you are sharing your photographs to enjoy and I thank you very much Paul.
I live in California near San Francisco and next to (NAS) MOFFETT FIELD.

Cheers, Buddy

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