Colorado Wildfires, USA

Cameron Peak FireSeptember/October 2020
Cameron Peak Fire
Grizzy Creek and Cameron Peak FiresAugust 2020
Grizzly Creek / Cameron Pk
Sunday FireJuly 2020
Sunday Fire
Elephant Butte FireJuly 2020
Elephant Butte Fire
Hohnholz FireJune 2013
Hohnholz Fire
Lime Gulch FireJune 2013
Lime Gulch Fire
Black Forrest FireJune 2013
Black Forest Fire
East peak FireJune 2013
East Peak Fire
Fern Lake FireDecember 2012
Fern Lake Fire
High Park and Springer FiresJune 2012
High Park / Springer
Lower North Fork FireMarch 2012
Lower North Fork Fire
Burning Tree FireMarch 2011
Burning Tree Fire
Indian Gulch FireMarch 2011
Indian Gulch Fire
Dome FireOctober 2010
Dome Fire
Fourmile and Reservior Road FiresSeptember 2010
Fourmile / Reservior Rd Fires

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[photos from behind the scenes]