El Dorado, Bogota, Colombia (SKBO) - July 2013

I try my hardest to avoid travelling on a legacy US carrier, but flight times and routings forced me into flying United Airlines via Houston to get to Bogota International (BOG). Luckily it's only five hours from Houston, so it was bearable.

I arrived late in the evening and met up with Steve Kinder and Arthur Stevens in the bar of our hotel in readiness for the start of the adventure.

Early the next morning we were due to visit the Fuerza Aerea Colombia (FAC) museum at Bogota Airport, which was just across the road from the hotel. As there were loads of road works around the airport this drive took a very long time, and this would become a feature of staying at this hotel, later on in the trip.

I'm not one for visiting museums, I snap the aircraft but seldom process the photos. We were allowed in for a set period of time and escorted by a member of staff. The aircraft are mostly lined up on two sides of the dead-end road that led up to the museum building.

For some reason we weren't allowed to take any photos of the aircraft on the walk down to the museum, which seemed like a strange thing to do. Everyone was led into the museum building, but I elected to hide up outside as I'd spied the FAC F-28-1000 taxiing out to depart.

The museum borders runway 13R/31L, so shots are possible through the multitude of telephone wires that are in the way. My patience paid off, and with this being the only aircraft I was hoping to shoot at BOG I was happy.

We took a drive along the perimeter road where the Colombian Police are based, and people by the windows managed a few shots as we crawled along the road, looking very suspicious. I managed one shot only, and I only got that by barging someone out the way who was hogging the window! The BT67 I shot did look rather nice though.

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