Guaymaral Airfield, Colombia (SKGY) - 8 July 2013

After our visit to the Police we were due to go to the Aeroclub de Colombia, but before that we had already spied a DC-9-15 on display at the entrance to a different flying club.

As we disembarked from the bus the security guy at the hut by the entrance seemed bemused that we'd want to take photo of some old aircraft.

His guard dog took the same view, running to the end of his chain lead until he choked himself at each lunge, barking the whole time.

After a little negotiation, the guard allowed us just inside the entrance to get a better angle on the DC-9. I still don't know its identity and whether it's an ex-military aircraft or civilian.

On to the Aeroclub de Colombia and we were allowed to wander their area, after a nice cup of coffee.

A promising first day done, it was back to the hotel, which was far from any city life, or even commerce, apart from the airport, so we were forced to eat in the rather overpriced and not so great hotel restaurant!

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