Hamamatsu Air Base, Japan (RJNH) - October 2013

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It was now the weekend during our trip and as the Japanese military rarely fly at weekends, we decided to visit Hamamatsu while they held their yearly open house.

The weather however had different ideas and we woke to find it dull, grey and drizzling with rain.

The plan was to park in a field on the south side of the airport near to the museum, from where we should be able to get some decent flying shots.

A couple of T-4s departed, no doubt on a weather fact finding mission, in what turned out to be the best light of the day!

Whilst we were parked up and ready the rain continued to fall so, out of sheer boredom, I decided to take a walk to the museum.

Getting any photos outside proved to be a challenge, with the white sky and people sheltering under wings of the aircraft, but inside the museum was well lit and pretty interesting.

Usually I'm not one to visit museums, but at least this was a distraction from the poor weather.

It was close to flying time for the airshow so I wandered back to the car just as the weather seemed to be clearing a little.

I just missed the Phantom taking off to perform its display, but with the clag I didn't really miss out too much.

One of the most impressive take offs was the E767 pushing water as it rotated, plus the impressive water-show when the reverse thrusters were engaged on landing.

The rain then got heavier as the Blue Impulse display team with their T-4s taxied out, but the weather defeated them. They taxied the length of the runway and then back to their parking, via the closest taxiway to where we were parked, to at least give the crowd something to look at.

We waited around after the show for any departures, but only a handful of aircraft left as we chatted to a few local photographers.

Another damp day, but as it was the weekend, no real loss.