Off Airport, Mexico

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DC-9-14 XA-TBX (images 1-13): is used as a free public library in Mexico City, called Virtual Library Tlatoani.

TAESA DC-9-15 XA-SZC (image 14): Toluca.

Jetstar 731 XB-JIZ (image 15): Toluca.

TAESA DC-9-15 XA-SXT (image 16): Toluca - moved .

Magni Charters B737-300 XA-UNM (image 17): Toluca - moved to Flyboys Resturant, Monterrey, see below.

C-130 3612 and CH-53 1581 (images 18-22): Morelos Park, Mexico City. State of Mexico Plaza, Centenary of Military Industry.

Aerocaribe DC-9-14 XA-SPA (images 23-27): Ecatepec, Mexico City.

DC-3 XA-ROM (images 28-32): Atizapan at the entrance to MMJC airport.

Unknown (possibly XB-ISC) RC690 (images 33-34): Flyboys Restaurant, Esmeralda.

DC-9-14 XA-SXS (images 35-42): Flyboys Restaurant, Ojo de Agua.

Fokker 100 XA-MRB (images 43-47): Flyboys Restaurant, Cuautitlan Izcalli - moved to an unknown location.

Mexican Air Force Boeing 727-41 3503 (images 48-54): Zumpango.

Sabreliner 60 XC-HGY (image 55-57): Toluca.

RC500 ETL-1266 (images 58-59): Just outside Santa Lucia Air Base in San Pedro Pozohuacan.

VC-47D XA-RAH (images 60-65 and 1-3 on page 2): Musei el Rehilete, Venta Prieta.

SA330J 1051 and PC-7 2503 (images 66-68): Plaza Estado de Mexico, Tecamac.

Bell 206B 1636, Bell 212 1423, SF-260 6121, Ce182 6399, SF-260 6119 and PC-7 6551 (images 69-77): Bipparque de Convivencias Tizayocan.

Be33 6432 and T-33 4057 (images 78-80): Medera.

SA227AC XA-TLA (image 81): Medera.

AeroMexico DC-6 XA-SIX fuselage (image 82): Mexico City.

F-27 XA-MOW (images 83-90): Flyer's Snack Bar and Facebook, Cuernavaca. Ave Fenix!

DC-9-32 N606NW (images 94-95): KidZania Cuicuilco, Mexico City.

C-47 TED-6022 (image 96): Heroico Colegio Milar, Tlalplan.

Boeing 737 XA-UNM (images 97-99): Flyboys Resturant, Monterrey - ex Toluca, see above

"XA-MTY" Interjet DC-9 (image 100): next to Kidzania in a shopping mall on Av Lazaro Cardenas, Monterrey.

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Mexican Air Force T-33A 4046 and Beech 33C 6438 (images 1-4): near Bosque Urbano park, Saltillo.

Mexican Navy Bo105CB-5 AMHP-110 and Rotorway Exec AMHT-420, Mexican Air Force Bell 206B-3 1621 and SF260EU 6108 (images 5-10): temporary display at Buenavista Station, Mexico City.

Mexican Air Force IAI211 3014 (image 11): 22a Zona Militar, Santa Maria Reyon.

Mexican Air Force CV-580 TE-004 (images 12-20): Santa Maria Reyon.

Mexian Air Force T-33A 4051, Mi-8T 1807, PT-13D 6096 (images 21-27): Plaza Centenario, Mexico City.

Beech 65 XB-GEO (images 28-30): Ecatapec, Mexico City.

DC-8-51 (XA-DOD) (image 31): Police Training, Iztapalapa, Mexico City.

Aerocaribe DC-9-14 (XA-SKA) (images 32-36): Bibliotaca Virtual Parque Bicentenario, Ecatepec, Mexico City.

unknown DC-9-15 (images 37-42): BiblioAvion, San Gervasio, Cozumel


Two SE210s at San Juan Tuxtepec

Collection at Mexico Paintball Parks

Collection at Mexico Technical Schools

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