Lima, Peru - 11 July 2006

I noticed lots of disused aircraft on the ramps in Lima on my flight out to Cusco - now if I'd had my camera handy then I'd have a lot of very decent photos.

So, on my flight back in I had my camera at the ready, but we were in the air and going pretty fast, so I didn't get as many as I would have liked.

You can see aircraft as varied as C130, DC8-62CF , B707, B737, Metroliner, F27, An32, Mil 8 and Mil 26. I also spied a DC6, Canberra, An28 and lots of other aircraft dotted around.

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4th September 2008 Philip Wharmby (GB)
Still there in August 08. Enough for a reasonable museum, including a former Presidential jet.

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