Kalachevo Landing Field, Russian Federation - 28 June 2012

From Yakutsk we flew to Omsk in a Yakutia Boeing 737-600, instead of the scheduled Tu-154.

We were initially due to visit this airfield but were denied late into the trip, after flights had been booked.

Instead we were picked up a pilot in a van and taken to Kalachevo Landing Field. This was a small grass strip that housed a number of microlight or sport aircraft.

First order of the day was a nice cup of tea, with the water being boiled by fancy old urn of some kind, along with some biscuits.

Next, flying was on the agenda. I opted to go fly in a Sky Ranger and flew four circuits. I've never flown anything so light and small, but it was great fun.

The Aeropraki 22L looked far more robust and fun however, and a few of our group went flying in one of those examples after I'd landed.

A bit of fun and a good way to relieve the disappointments of the last two days, before we caught our second flight of the day, an S7 Airbus A319 back to Moscow.

(The airfield is located at 54.763113,73.312641)

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