Fort Worth Meacham, TX, USA (KFTW) - 19 October 2007

Found a couple of nice CV640s in the Vintage Flying Museum compound (N860FW and N3407) - the museum was shut for the day so these were shot through the fence.

The was also the surprise of an ex Bolivian Air Force F-86 still in original marks.

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19th December 2014 Nigel Hitchman
shame someone let it sit outside and rot. I saw this and three others at Santa Cruz, Bolivia in the early 90s still in service, in good condition. Didn't see them fly, but they were all in a hangar undergoing maintenance or being prepared to fly.
I believe the woman who brought back the Curtiss 19R, which I saw sitting on a pole in La Paz (and Kermit Weeks now owns), was going to bring back the F86s. There were quite a few operational T33s in La Paz.


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