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6th January 2018 California, Russian Federation, Japan, Colombia, Mexico and UK
10th November 2017 Mexico, China, Japan, Russian Federation, California and Sweden
6th August 2017 Mexico, Iran, California and Colorado
24th June 2017 Florida, Turkey and California
28th May 2017 Florida, Colorado, Iran, UK and Mexico
2nd April 2017 UK, North Korea, Florida and California
18th March 2017 California, UK, Mexico, Russian Federation and Iran
16th January 2017 Colorado, Utah, California and UK.
26th November 2016 California, Colorado and UK
29th October 2016 Colorado, Iran, Nevada and website changes
1st October 2016 California, Nevada, Colorado and Canada
3rd September 2016 UK, Colorado, Turkey and Iran
6th August 2016 Canada, California, Russian Federation and Colombia
23rd July 2016 UK, Colorado, Russian Federation and Turkey
25th June 2016 UK, Iran, Colombia, Russian Federation and Florida
28th May 2016 Colorado, UK, Malaysia, California and Florida
30th April 2016 Colorado, UK, Iran and Germany
6th February 2016 California, Czech Republic, Russian Federation, Colorado, UK
26th December 2015 Russian Federation, Colorado, UK and Utah
13th December 2015 Russian Federation, Colorado, Florida and Texas
17th October 2015 UK, Russian Federation, Florida and China
3rd October 2015 Thailand, Russian Federation and UK
5th September 2015 Colorado, Russian Federation, UK and Arizona
8th August 2015 Colorado, Florida, Michigan, Nevada and Russian Federation.
25th July 2015 Russian Federation, Malaysia, Thailand, Florida and UK
11th July 2015 Colorado, Japan, Florida, Russian Federation, Philippines, Thailand and Mexico
7th February 2015 Colorado, Alaska, Japan, Russian Federation, Wales and England
24th January 2015 Film Scans from the UK
14th December 2014 Russia and Poland aviation, London, SFO, Japan and Moscow others
29th November 2014 Belarus
15th November 2014 Japan
20th September 2014 Florida, Alaska, Colorado, Iceland and Denmark
27th July 2014 Russia and UK
23rd March 2014 Russia, Florida, Nevada, Arizona plus Landscapes
16th November 2013 Nevada, Colorado, Florida, California and Russian Federation
23rd March 2013 DPRK, Siberia and Florida
23rd February 2013 DPRK, Nevada, Colorado, UK and Russian Federation
26th January 2013 Colorado, Washington, UK, Russia and DPRK
22nd November 2012 Colorado, Russia and landscapes
25th August 2012 Nevada, California, Colorado and Beijing
12th August 2012 DPRK, China, Nevada, California, Alaska and Colorado
19th May 2012 DPRK Trip - day 8 - Pyongyang
18th May 2012 DPRK Trip - day 7 - Hamhung, Hungnam and Pyongyang
17th May 2012 DPRK Trip - day 6 - Hamhung
16th May 2012 DPRK Trip - day 5 - Pyongyang, Mansudae Grand Monument, Mangyongdae Native House and Korean War Museum
15th May 2012 DPRK Trip - day 4 - Rimyongsu Falls, Samjiyon Grand Monument, Pyongyang and USS Pueblo
14th May 2012 DPRK Trip - day 3 - Samjiyon, Mt Paektu and Pebaeggong Hotel
13th May 2012 DPRK Trip - day 2 - Kaesong, DMZ and the Hyonjongrung Royal Tomb
12th May 2012 DPRK Trip - day 1 - Arrival in Pyongyang
11th March 2012 Mostly Alaska
25th February 2012 Very Late Update
22nd October 2011 Catching Up
5th June 2011 Colorado, Washington and Peru
24th April 2011 Something Old Something New
9th April 2011 All Over the World
30th January 2011 The Old and the New
18th December 2010 Russia, Mississippi and Wyoming
6th November 2010 Russia, Colorado and Europe from the Past
23rd October 2010 Arizona, Russia and Colorado
20th September 2010 Too many updates to list in the title
1st August 2010 Colorado and the Russian Federation
3rd July 2010 Russia, Utah, Arizona and Colorado
26th May 2010 Lots of Aviation Updates Today
9th May 2010 TA-4J, The Philippines, Red Flag 10-3, UK Shooting plus updated search engine
21st April 2010 CO ARNG and more from Siberia
23rd March 2010 BT-67 and more from Siberia
27th February 2010 A Gunship, ex-RAF Tucano's and more from Siberia
17th February 2010 Irkutsk
22nd January 2010 Siberia and Closer to Home
29th December 2009 Podcast Guest plus CJAA GAR Article
28th December 2009 New Portfolio Gallery
21st December 2009 The F/A-18F Poster
15th December 2009 Siberia Part 1 - Domodedovo, Moscow
12th December 2009 Red Flag and Mossie Sprayers
11th December 2009 The New and the Old
4th December 2009 Centennial on blogGAR
1st December 2009 Beaufort County C-131F Mosquito Sprayers
30th November 2009 Siberia
25th November 2009 Twitter and Facebook Updates
22nd November 2009 Florida and the Philippines
20th September 2009 September Update
22nd August 2009 A Few Older Updates
13th June 2009 more catching up...
11th May 2009 Mountains and Exercises
23rd April 2009 More Photo Updates
4th April 2009 a bit of everything
3rd March 2009 Masons, Utah, Arizona and Red Flag
24th February 2009 Fun? Mountain Climbing
14th February 2009 Astreair website re-vamped
25th January 2009 Playing Catch-up
16th January 2009 Night Shooting and more...
6th January 2009 catching up
22nd December 2008 Time Machine
14th December 2008 Alaska
24th November 2008 Wyoming, Nevada and UK travels
31st October 2008 Idaho (mostly)
10th February 2008 no more blog....
23rd August 2006 Peru Trip - Day 15, July 18th - Lima to Denver via Miami
22nd August 2006 Peru Trip - Day 14, July 17th - Lima
21st August 2006 Peru Trip - Day 13, July 16th - Lima
20th August 2006 Peru Trip - Day 12, July 15th - Lima
19th August 2006 Peru Trip - Day 11, July 14th - Lima
18th August 2006 Peru Trip - Day 10, July 13th - Paracas, Islas Ballestas, Sand Dunes to Lima
16th August 2006 Peru Trip - Day 9, July 12th - Nazca area, Ica and Paracas
11th August 2006 Peru Trip - Day 8, July 11th - Puno, Lima to Nazca
8th August 2006 Peru Trip - Day 7, July 10th - Isla Taquile, Isla Amantani and Puno
5th August 2006 Peru Trip - Day 6, July 9th - Puno, Lake Titicaca, Islas Flotantes and Isla Taquile
29th July 2006 Peru Trip - Day 5, July 8th - Cusco to Puno
26th July 2006 Peru Trip - Day 4, July 7th - Machu Picchu, Aguas Calientes to Cusco
6th July 2006 Peru Trip - Day 3 - Cusco to Aguas Calientes and Machu Picchu
5th July 2006 Peru Trip - Day 2 - Lima to Cusco
4th July 2006 Peru Trip - Day 1 - Denver to Lima
15th January 2006 Web Photos Update with new Scanner
3rd July 2005 Vail Trip - Day 6 - Wednesday 22 June
2nd July 2005 Vail Trip - Day 5 - Tuesday 21 June
1st July 2005 Vail Trip - Day 4 - Monday 20 June - ATV
30th June 2005 Vail Trip - Day 3 - Sunday 19 June - Hanging Lake, Aspen area
29th June 2005 Vail Trip - Day 2 - Saturday 18th June - Beaver Creek / Wildfire today
28th June 2005 Vail Trip - Day 1 - Friday 17 June - Fairplay, South Park, Breckenridge & Vail
10th August 2003 Road Trip - day 10 - Colorado Springs and Seven Veils Water Falls
9th August 2003 Road Trip - day 9 - Pagosa Springs, Great Sand Dunes National Monument, Colorado Springs
8th August 2003 Road Trip - day 8 - Durango, Purgatory
7th August 2003 Road Trip - day 7 - Telluride, Silverton, Durango, Red Mountain Pass, Million Dollar Highway
6th August 2003 Road Trip - day 6 - Telluride, Bridal Veil Falls, Tomboy
5th August 2003 Road Trip - day 5 - Paradox Valley, Telluride
4th August 2003 Road Trip - day 4 - Colorado National Monument, Arches National Momument, Moab, Slickrock Bike Trail
3rd August 2003 Road Trip - day 3 - Colorado National Monument, Grand Mesa, Grand Junction
2nd August 2003 Road Trip - day 2 - Carbondale, Crystal River Valley, Marble, Crystal City, Sheep Mountain Mill, Lizard Lake, Aspen, Grand Junction.
1st August 2003 Road Trip - day 1 - Glenwood Springs