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22nd December 2008 - Time Machine

First off with the new - we had a few hours to spare waiting for our flight at Stuttgart in Germany after the Elite marathon, so why not use the viewing facilities provided?).

The rest of this is old scanned film - some hasn't faired well with crappy storage but is worth keeping just for some of the rarity value - and it's a bumper crop as my poor scanner has been smoking hot!

In 1986 I went through a black and white phase for two reasons. One it was fun to do the developing myself and the Ilford XP film came out with very nice results. Secondly I was a member of the West London Aviation Group and the monthly magazine only accepted black and white images for publication.

First up is a trip to the Tiger Meet at Cambrai in France in June 1986. Now some of these aircraft would have benefitted from being shot in colour, but what can you do? G-91s, Mirage 4s etc... mmm.?).

A visit to RAF Shawbury in June 1986 - this was when Chipmunks and Bulldogs were still in service with the University Air Squadrons and Experience Flights..?).

The Hurn airshow in Bournemouth had a nice selection of visitors in May 1986 - the RAE and A+AEE seemed to send whatever they had available, including the last flying Varsity. There was also a nice selection of private ex RAF first generation jet fighters present..?).

Now back to colour - I'll start off with a selection of Trident photos. Some are photographed in service, but most involve the sad scrapping at the old BEA maintenance base. I had this access as I worked for British Airways at the time; I simply rode over airside on my bike! This would have been in the early 80s.

Well that's the current crop of European scans - now over to the USA. I'll start off in 1981 where a visit to the Pan Am building always scored some nice photographic opportunities. As you can see our photo gear was not anywhere near the standards of today's equipment, but we made do with what we had. Two pages this time.

The last lot is from a California trip that two of us did in June 1984. Camarillo Airport with a Constellation and C-46 Commando.

Chino has always been an interesting airport, and in those days the pickings were easy - propliner heaven.

John Wayne-Orange County was home to the Tallmantz Aviation TB-25s.

Just down the road at long beach were some interesting aircraft. I look in the background of some of these and wonder why I didn't shoot more. Film was expensive and we tended to shoot less in those days.

Another always interesting airport in those days was Van Nuys. Props dotted all over the shop.

Out in the California desert are a couple of interesting airfields - Inyokern where they built and tested drones.

And not forgetting Mojave, where you never knew what you would see.

Well thatÂ’s all for now, and as I don't send Xmas cards I'll wish you all happy holidays and all that jazz.