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16th January 2009 - Night Shooting and more...

At last I have a mix of aviation and non-aviation photos to share.

Let's start with the non-aviation stuff. I've been out and about doing some more night photography in the freezing cold. A few days ago the moon was full so I went along to Watkins, CO where I'd often passed and noted to go back when the moon was out.

I've done a re-org and created a dedicated night section on the site as I've more night shots than anything else now. A one shot update to the Castle Rock page and it's now split up into dates with comments about each shoot.

Also the same thing with Sedalia - two shots added and date split.

In the new night page I've also added a single shot from Reno plus grouped the night landscape shots here.

Talking of landscapes I was in the UK in December and took a couple of photos from the rear of my parents house for the last time.

In the city section I have added a very cold view of Chicago from January with huge chunks of ice in the lake.

Now for the aviation photos. On a short trip to Wisconsin I visited Select Aviation where 3 immaculate BAC 1-11s are kept. They've been for sale for over a year and are true classic British Airliners. Unfortunately the scrap-man is a very real possibility for these aircraft.

All the rest are older photos I've just got around to - yeah slack I know.

IAR at Coolidge, AZ from 2nd August 2008.

Falcon Field, AZ from 2nd August 2008 where I was lucky enough to get inside the fence - thanks Ryan!

California off-airport with an immaculate F-105.

Reno-Tahoe where an RF-4 guards the military entrance.

More, of course, later. Paul