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25th January 2009 - Playing Catch-up

Lets get to work with the "normal" photos first.

My latest night shoot was a loop out on the Colorado eastern plains to Limon - Elizabeth, Limon, Matheson, Simlar and Calhan. I'm most pleased with the backlit church shot showing the sun shining through the building and illuminating the windows.

On the aviation side, again I am playing catch-up.

I finished the National Centre for Atmospheric Research (NCAR) page highlighting their EC-130Q and G-V aircraft.

Some of the aircraft preserved around the Salt Lake City, UT area from 2007.

And finally going even further back a couple of time-machine sets from Switzerland in 1983.

The annual military open house at Dubendorf show lots of aircraft that are no longer in service with the Swiss Air Force - Hunters, Mirages, Vampires, Venoms etc.

On the civil side a time slice from Zurich International Airport, again showing many types and operators that are no longer flying. These were very foggy days, and that combined with less than ideal equipment and poor storage has left many shots needing lots of clean-up.

I hope you enjoyed this small update. Feel free to leave any comments. Paul.

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