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11th May 2009 - Mountains and Exercises

Just a couple of updates for now as I'm still busy dealing with the very large backlog.

First up some "up at sparrows" shots from near Mount Evans, one of many 14ers in the state - we managed to get up there just on sunrise, although we couldn't see it as the horizon was covered in low cloud. But patience paid off and I got some nice shots as the light constantly changed. Number 3 in the sequence I liked so much that I'm getting it enlarged and framed for the house - you can see a lot more details than in the small image on the web.

Last one is aviation - I spent more than a few days in the Las Vegas area trying to catch the Australian F-111s low level - after a major near cock-up success! I split the photos into two highlighting the first and third week of the exercise.

That's all for now - hope to see some of you in the UK next week!