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22nd November 2009 - Florida and the Philippines

Sorry for the lack of updates, but I've had certain photos held back for magazines and websites.

In this update I have a quartet from Florida when I went to visit the Historical Flight Foundation DC-7B at Opa-Locka.

Also at Opa-Locka are bunches of old propliners including quite a few Russian built machines.

At Fort Lauderdale International I was surprised to find four ex-Airborne Express NAMC YS-11s plus a Fuerza Aero Argentina L-100-30 Hercules.

Last but not least from Florida were a few interesting aircraft at Fort Lauderdale Executive, the most surprising being an IAI-201 Arava.

Some of these photos also appear on Global Aviation Resource - the Historical Flight Foundation was written as an article and the rest appear in a new feature we call blogGAR.

Next up is an article about the National Centre for Atmospheric Research - this is another one that went out on GAR.

Last up some "normal" photos from my trip to the Philippines, which turned out to be a great trip.

That's all for now - there is much more in the queue when I get time.