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9th August 2003 - Road Trip - day 9 - Pagosa Springs, Great Sand Dunes National Monument, Colorado Springs

Today would be the biggest driving day of the trip. We had to make a decision whether to travel north via Black Canyon or west via Pagosa Springs. With only two days to get home, and being at the furthest point from home in this trip some thought was involved. Judi was beginning to get sick of being in the car and feeling more unwell, so I took the decision to go west which would be the shortest journey from a time perspective.

We drove as far as Pagosa Springs before making a stop for lunch at a small roadside “Victorian” restaurant. We also took a quick look at the springs, which looked pretty impressive, but we didn’t really have the time to indulge.

We then drove on to the Great Sand Dunes National Monument. Huge sand dunes in the middle of nowhere rise to 700 foot and cover an area of 30 square miles. It’s one of the most complex dune systems in the world, and people will track miles up into the dunes, but we decided not to do this – I mean, sand is sand after all. We looked at the dunes – looked at each other – and jointly decided we’d seen enough already.

sand sand sand

We then continued to Colorado Springs, found the first hotel, booked it and went to the room. Within 2 seconds Judi was in bed stating that this is where she was staying and to order some food in. Pizza’d up, we took a well earned early night after the knackering drive.