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28th June 2005 - Vail Trip - Day 1 - Friday 17 June - Fairplay, South Park, Breckenridge & Vail

First we had to drop the dog off at Doggie Dude Ranch – this is a facility near Conifer way up in the mountains at the end of a four mile dirt road. Here the dogs run around free all day instead of being cooped up in a kennel for most of the time. She always sleeps for days when we bring her home as she runs so much there.

We decided to go the long way to Vail via the 285, as we had most of the day to kill before we could check in. First stop was Fairplay, where we stopped for fuel and a carved bear. Judi has wanted one of these bears for ages – they have various signs that say “Welcome”, “Wipe yer paws” etc. But she wanted the “Go Away” one.

go away

Then just down the road, we took at look at historic South Park. Yes, this is the place that the South Park TV series is based on. They have a large row of old houses and stores left in place and the chamber of commerce even has a large painting of Mr. Hankey the Christmas Poo on the side of the building.

south park

mr hankey

Then it was up the 9 to Breckenridge where we had an excellent lunch. We arrived at Vail around check-in time of 16:00.

They were very nice apartments, better than where we stayed the year before, and they had many free trips during the week, which was nothing like the other complex offered last year – like none!

We went out for a nice meal in the evening and saw local news personallity Molly Hughes walking around Vail town center. She is one of the evening anchors for chanel 4 (CBS) news here in Denver. Then later on as we caught the free bus back to the apartment, who should get on at another stop? Molly Hughes! She is very much taller on real life - at least 6 foot I'd bet.