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29th June 2005 - Vail Trip - Day 2 - Saturday 18th June - Beaver Creek / Wildfire today

We decided to go mountain biking on the 2nd day. Vail was not yet open due to the large amount of construction around the base of the chair lifts – in fact they were a month late in opening, which has lost the bike rental shops quite a bit of money.

We decided to try out the runs at Beaver Creek, as we both had never biked there before. A lot of runs were still closed as there was still quite a bit of snow at the top – the runs were pretty hard to find from the top. They need to sort that problem out if they want to encourage more people up the mountain.

The 1st run was pretty good, except I managed to get one big arsed puncture in my rear tyre near the bottom – so big that all the slime escaped. Poop! Walked part of the way and rode on the back of Judi’s bike while steering mine the rest – much like we did when we were kids giving lifts to our friends.

I got a new inner tube from the bike rental place at the chair lift, replaced it, and we went off for your second run.

The scenery here is beautiful with the aspen trees and great valley views from the top.

beaver creek valley


Later we went to a seafood restaurant we found in the middle of the construction at Vail. I joked that Molly Hughes would be along in a minute to eat here. Well blow me! 20 minutes later, who should turn up at the restaurant to eat? - Molly Hughes of course!

Other news – we had our first wildfire of the season along the Front Range yesterday - just about 5 miles from where we live, at Waterton Canyon. They had a couple of single engined PA25’s out water bombing and a single helicopter, but the fire was mostly in the undergrowth and along the ridgeline out of the trees, so the fire was pretty much burning it’s self out over night.