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1st July 2005 - Vail Trip - Day 4 - Monday 20 June - ATV

Today was ATV day! Both Judi and I had never been on an ATV before, so we booked a guided ATV tour and drove down the 24 via Minturn and Redstone.

Just after Camp Hale (the 10th Mountain Division training area) we found Nova Guides, where they supplied us with helmets and goggles.

We were in a group of about 8 ATV’s and started off up the dusty trail into the mountains. After 5 minutes the guide stopped to make sure everyone has caught up, but we were missing 2 ATV’s. He went back to look but could not find them. He came back and we carried on up a trail and looped back to nearly where we started from. He radioed back to base and they dispatched a couple of riders to look for them. We then carried on up the trails with our reduced group.


It was a fun ride, although very very dusty, and we were thoroughly dirty by the end. We did meet up with the missing parties about an hour into the ride – no idea how they got lost so quickly!