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2nd July 2005 - Vail Trip - Day 5 - Tuesday 21 June

We needed a rest today after the busy last few days, so we drove back to Glenwood Springs to relax in the hot pools.

The Hot Springs Pool is fed from the Yampah Hot Springs which dumps 3.5 million gallons of water into the pool per day. I think it still ranks as the largest hot springs pool in the world.

We spend a nice few hours relaxing and swimming before getting some lunch.

Afterwards we decided to explore some back roads just south of Glenwood Springs. We headed towards Sunlight Ski Resort and took a look around the small area.


We then headed up and followed CR-300 on the dirt trails for about 18 miles before heading back the way we came. It was an interesting drive, and we were only stopped from proceeding by a big snow bank across the road high up in the mountains. One thing that did strike us was the amount of cabbage growing everywhere.


On the way back to Vail we stopped at Glenwood Hot Springs for another 45 minutes of soaking. The entry allows you to leave and re-enter as many times as you wish throughout that day.