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3rd July 2005 - Vail Trip - Day 6 - Wednesday 22 June

The resort offered a free bike lift up to the top of Vail Pass, so we could ride down into the town from the top. We loaded up and had a great time riding the 18 miles back.

The route took us on the old US6 which was the only way over the pass before the I-70 was built. It was, as expected, mostly downhill and the views were great.

vail pass

Took a nap and then went on the second organized trip of the day. We were taken up FR-700 to Piney Lake to do some fishing. The ride took about 1 hour and was very bumpy in the bus we were taken in.

The lake had a great view, but we caught nothing of course. Only one member of our party caught a fish – a 5 inch trout.

piney lake


Next day we drove home again.